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  • Renting is a two-way relationship. That’s why the Alpha team is dedicated to making the tenancy process as convenient and hassle-free as possible for you. We have a large selection of properties for rent throughout the Auckland area. Our portfolio includes a wide range of real estate to suit any need and we constantly add new properties. Whatever your unique needs might be, we’ll help you find the ideal place to rent. We make things easier by offering a simple application process. Fill out our online application and one of our experienced letting agents will be in touch. All you need are references (including someone who will attest to your creditworthiness) and photo identification (such as a driver’s licence or passport).

    You may not own the property, but you do call it home. We understand that and work with landlords to ensure you enjoy living in your rental. From using reliable contractors who complete repairs quickly to inspecting properties to pinpoint little problems before they become big ones, you can count on us to proactively and professionally manage your rental. We want you to rent with us for a long time so we’ll work hard to protect your rights under the Residential Tenancies Act. We always try to ensure landlords live up to their obligations.

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  • How do I apply for a property?

    Complete a tenancy application form: Access the form online or contact our office for a copy. Any information you provide on the form is protected under the Privacy Act of 1993. 

    Provide identification: Please provide a photo I.D, such as a driver's licence or a passport.

    Provide valid references: The application form requests contact details for references. These references can include employers, friends, or colleagues who know you well. At least one of the references should be able to verify your credit worthiness. As a courtesy, always let the referees know that someone from our office may be contacting them. 

    Please be sure to fill out all information completely to avoid delays in the application process.

  • How do I know if my offer has been accepted?

    When the property manager has received your complete application (including references) and reviewed it, he or she will notify you if the owner has accepted your offer. We’ll then arrange a time to complete the Tenancy Agreement, which is a binding legal contract that protects your rights as well as the landlord’s.

    What happens if my application is declined?

    Don’t take it personally. It simply means your application may not have met the owner’s specific criteria.

    How much money do I need to pay upfront?

    You will need to pay one week’s rent in advance plus the bond payment. Prospective tenants must pay the amount in full before occupying the property.

  • Do I need to buy insurance?

    The property owner’s insurance will not cover or protect your possessions against damage or theft. If you want to protect your possessions we strongly advise all tenants to purchase their own insurance.

    What are my obligations when I sign an agreement?

    Your obligations will be outlined in the Tenancy Agreement you sign before moving into the property. It will include every detail, including the amount of rent, how often rent is to be paid, and the utilities for which you may be responsible (for example, gas, electricity, phone, and water.)

    My 3-year old broke something…what are my obligations?

    We understand that accidents happen. Simply contact your property manager and he or she will advise you as to how to remedy the situation.

  • What’s the process if something on the property needs a repair?

    For problems regarding essential services, such as power, water, or sewerage, contact the property manager immediately. The sooner you notify us, the sooner we can make arrangements for repair. 

    Who is responsible for mould problems?

    The landlord is responsible for mitigating mould problems. However, it’s also important for tenants to help reduce the condensation that triggers mould by airing out the property on a regular basis.

    Can I bring in a flatmate?

    The Tenancy Agreement will outline who is lawfully able to occupy the property you’re leasing. In some cases, additional persons may be explicitly named on the Agreement. In others, the lease may simply outline a maximum number of occupants. If you exceed the total occupants set forth, you will be in violation of the Tenancy Agreement.

  • Can I sub-let the property?

    You may only sub let if you’ve obtained written consent from the property owner. If you are moving out and know a friend or family member who wants to move in, please let our office know. In most cases, a new Tenancy Agreement will be required.

    How much notice will I be given of a property inspection?

    Tenants have the right to the quiet enjoyment of the premises. Your property manager will provide at least 48 hours notice that a property inspection will take place. If repair work is required, tenants must be given 24 hours notice.

    What’s the process when I choose to move out?

    If you have a periodic tenancy agreement, with no fixed term, you must provide written notice no less than 21 days before you leave.

  • How can I ensure my bond is returned?

    The first step is to live up to your obligations as a tenant. If you’ve caused any damage, repair it at your cost and invest in a repair that is of good quality. And, of course, make your rent payments on time as defined by the Tenancy Agreement.

    Who do I speak to if I feel I’ve been treated unfairly by a landlord?

    We want your experience with us to be a positive one. If you’re having a problem with a property or landlord, discuss your concerns with the property manager. If you feel you’re unable to reach a resolution, contact Tenancy Services. They will offer advice on resolving the situation and may arrange a mediation meeting to try to reach a solution. 

    Alpha is the tenant’s choice for residential real estate.

    We work hard to build long-lasting relationships with our tenants. If you have additional enquiries or want to view a property, call or email a member of the Alpha Property Management team today.