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    Back in 2011, Garima Singh started off as a Property Manager working under the same brand name but the firm was then handled by her mentor and longtime friend Ben Turner. Years later, after being instrumental in building a brand “Alpha Property Management”, I decided to take up a new challenge of starting her own Property Management Firm and instead of starting a journey from scratch, I took ownership of “Alpha Property Management” from Ben and haven’t looked back since. With more than 5 years of experience in handling client, their properties and tenants, I have been successful in keeping high standards of service across the board. Over the years, I has a consistent and long-term retention rate, both with clients and tenants alike.

    Alpha Property Management, 2015 Ltd. (APM) works on the principal of providing Property Management with Personal touch. Somewhere people could go and be sure that their properties were in good hands. I also wanted control over the staff. So if a client came back to me with issues, I could read my manager the riot act, or hire the right person to sort things out.

    Garima understood what it took to manage a property correctly. She also knew how to deal with both landlords and tenants. Customer service would be key to the success of Garima’s business – Alpha Property Management, 2015 Ltd. She wanted the operation to be responsive to customers’ needs while ensuring the core bases of property management were covered. For this reason APM has zero tolerance for rent arrears and makes sure all property inspections are completed thoroughly.

  • Our Philosophy

    The Personal Touch

    As property owners ourselves, we understand how stressful it can be renting out your property to strangers. We take the stress out of this process by looking after your property as if it were our own.

    As professional managers and investors, we’ve learned exactly what it takes to maximize revenue opportunities on property in the Auckland area. From collecting rent to interviewing tenants and working with the Tenancy Tribunal, our team has the knowledge and experience to boost income and lower costs, no matter how small or large your real estate portfolio might be.

    Whether you’re a first-time property owner or a seasoned real estate investor, Alpha Property Management is the trusted, experienced choice for professional and profitable residential real estate management.

  • Our Team
  • Garima Singh, Owner and Director

    If you’re a property owner with Alpha, you’ve probably already heard Rima’s voice on the phone. She’s the owner and director who takes care of residential properties and sorts out any issues with our tenants and landlords. This means she’s busy doing inspections, handling all the paperwork and making sure the rent is paid on time.

    Before coming on board at Alpha, Rima worked as a Duty Manager in corporate accommodation. In this role she took care of both property and guests; so it was a perfect entrée into property management, where she has to look after homes and the people that own and live in them.

    Email: rima@alphapm.co.nz | Mob: 021 644 799