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    • Professional Management with the Personal Touch

      Managing a property to generate maximum revenue can be a challenge. You need to be a financial manager. You need to be a negotiator. You need to be a real estate expert. For many investors, that can be tricky. You don't need to be all those things though. Alpha Property Management is your solution, offering a full suite of professional services with the personal touch. Our team will:

      • Find quality tenants and build strong, long-lasting relationships with them.
      • Collect rent and, when necessary, enforce collection.
      • Repair and maintain properties through a network of reliable, competitively-priced contractors.
      • Provide critical information through our 24/7 online property management portal.
      • Navigate the Residential Tenancies Act and avoid fines and litigation.
      • Share our extensive knowledge of the Auckland real estate market.
      • Provide customised service that meets your unique investment needs.
      • Take your property from zero to hero with our professional renovation service.

      Whether you own one apartment building or an entire real estate portfolio, Alpha Property Management offers a blend of experience and know-how that maximises investment return. Contact us today to learn how Alpha will provide you with peace of mind by eliminating hassle and nurturing your investment.

    • The Alpha Experience