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Professional Management with the Personal Touch

Managing a property to generate maximum revenue can be a challenge. You need to be a financial manager. You need to be a negotiator. You need to be a real estate expert. For many investors, that can be tricky. You don't need to be all those things, though. Alpha Property Management is your solution, offering a full suite of professional services with the personal touch. Our team will:

  • Find quality tenants and build strong, long-lasting relationships with them.
  • Collect rent and, when necessary, enforce collection.
  • Repair and maintain properties through a network of reliable, competitively-priced contractors.
  • Provide critical information through our 24/7 online property management portal.
  • Navigate the Residential Tenancies Act and avoid fines and litigation.
  • Share our extensive knowledge of the Auckland real estate market.
  • Provide customised service that meets your unique investment needs.
  • Take your property from zero to hero with our professional renovation service (click here to see our renovation photos).

Whether you own one apartment building or an entire real estate portfolio, Alpha Property Management offers a blend of experience and know-how that maximises investment return. Contact us today to learn how Alpha will provide you with peace of mind by eliminating hassle and nurturing your investment.

The Alpha Guarantee

If we can't tenant your property within 48-hours from the time we have received a signed letting request from you, we will advertise your property for rent at our expense, (that's right, for free).

We will personally show your property to inquiring tenants while marketing the benefits of your property. We will screen potential tenants for you and refer only those that match your requirements. Once you have approved a suitable tenant we will then sign the tenancy agreement and arrange the bond lodgment on your behalf. *Conditions Apply - Please talk to one of our agents.


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